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Trey...Ted, Tom, Tim DiFillipo

T. DiFillipo

Gold Ranger

The Gold Ranger journeyed to the planet Earth during the Machine Empire's invasion in order to assist the Power Rangers Zeo. The Gold Ranger draws his power from the Golden Powers contained within the Golden Power Staff. The Gold Ranger was originally Trey Lord of Triforia from a planet far from Earth.

The Gold Ranger increases the strength, speed, agility, and endurance of its user. The Gold Ranger also can attack while teleporting with blinding speed catching his opponents off guard. The Gold Ranger is much more powerful than any of the other Zeo Rangers but the Golden Powers began to wane after the battle with the Barox bounty hunters as well as the power drain that it faced while waiting to be transferred from Trey to Jason. Nevertheless the Gold Ranger is still a powerful force to be reckoned with. The original Gold Ranger was Trey of Triforia who was replaced by Jason Lee until Trey could regain his unity. After having been reunited by Zordon, Trey of Triforia reclaimed the Golden Powers and is once again the Gold Ranger. The Gold Ranger controls the gigantic Zord Pyramidas.

Golden Power Staff

The Golden Power Staff is the weapon of the Gold Ranger. When summoned it can be used as a blunt weapon or it can convert itself into several other modes. The Golden Power Staff can shift its configuration in order to carry out new attacks. One form of attack that the Gold Ranger can do in this configuration is a dash attack in which all opponents near the Gold Ranger face the radial effect of its power. Also the Golden Power Staff has two sharp pivoting blades along its sides enabling the weapon to be used as a slashing weapon. <.p>

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is carried out by the Gold Ranger by activating the full potential of the Golden Power Staff. The Golden Power Staff opens up channeling the Golden Powers and then releases it in a series of power blasts of extreme power output.

Trey (Original Gold Ranger)

Trey has currently been reunited and has reclaimed the Golden powers in their totality. Now that the Machine Empire has been defeated it is believed that Trey has left the planet Earth to seek out new people in need of help.

Trey, Lord of Triforia, is a Triforian and the Lord of the planet Triforia. Trey came to Earth as the Gold Ranger to help the Power Rangers Zeo fight the Machine Empire in their time of need. Trey has had trouble maintaining his 3 souls as one and because of this felt it neccessary to maintain his identity a secret from others. With Trey's identity discovered by others his unity was shattered and all three parts of his being existed as separate beings, Trey of Courage, Trey of Wisdom, and Trey of Heart. Trey passed on the Golden Powers of the Gold Ranger to Jason to hold onto until he could reunite his souls. With the help of Zordon and Alpha 5, a beam was reflected off of Aquitar, Triforia, and on to Earth to rejoin Trey's three souls into one. Trey was essential to the Power Rangers Zeo's success over the Machine Empire. Trey aided the Power Rangers by bringing them the Gold Ranger powers, Pyramidas, the Super Zeo Zords, and the Warrior Wheel. As the Gold Ranger, Trey has controlled his rightful Zord Pyramidas.

íP Trey can use his power of Triforia to make people grow to Zord size.

íP Trey is played by Ted, Tom, and Tim DiFillipo.

íP Trey is voiced by Brad Hawkins.


The planet Triforia is the homeworld for the mysterious race of trifold beings known as Triforians. The large planet's surface is covered by landmasses with few bodies of water. The massive planet is orbited by three moons, one of which is similar to the planet Earth in appearance. Billy is the only known human to have ever visited the planet Triforia. Little is known about the planet's society and government other than it is possibly ruled by Trey Lord of Triforia.


Triforians are a race of trifold beings who exist in 3 different bodies instead of only one. The three different bodies (and their accompanying personalities) are normally joined as one but can be split into three. Once split into three, it can be a very difficult and sometimes painful process to rejoin. Trey, lord of Triforia, uncontrollably split into his three parts (Courage, Wisdom, and Heart) when he came into contact with the atmosphere of Aquitar. Afterwards it took him months to be able to rejoin. This mysterious race is from the planet Triforia.

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