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Story 1 - Mighty Morphin' Adventure 2

*Important! The following dialogues may have adult content. Please leave if you are under age 17!

Mighty Morphin' Adventure 2

Starring: Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Hart), Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott), Rhett Fisher (Ryan Mitchell), Lesley Tesh (Emily)

At Angel Grove Park...

Jason: Hey Kimb, can you do me a favor?

Kimberly: Sure! What's that?

Jason: It's about my power coin... I thought the forces of evil were gone, so I gave it to my girlfriend, Emily, as a gift in her birthday party... but...

Kimberly: But what?

Jason: But... I want to get it back.

Kimberly: Um... it will be difficult.

Jason: Yes, I know. You never saw her before, so I want you to steal my power coin from her. Here is her photo.

Kimberly: What?! You're crazy! You know?! You're getting the wrong person. I never do that.

Jason: Yea.. I know it's not right, but I really need your help. Please...

Kimberly: No! Sorry about this, Jason. You may call Zordon and Alpha 5 to transport the power coin to you.

Jason: Ok. Zordon? I am Jason. Do you read me? Zordon? I am Jason. Alpha? Alpha ~ Man! No one's there! They may be creating a new ranger beside my back.

Austin St. John

Kimberly: Try it one more time.

Jason: Zordon? I am Jason. Do you read me? Zordon? Alpha? Anyone, I am J... F#&%!

Kimberly: What did you say?

Jason: Forget it. Kimb, may I borrow your power coin?

Kimberly: Jason, I really want to help you, but I just can't. I gave it to Katherine when I left and went to Floria.

Jason: Don't lie to me. I know you have it.

Kimberly: Sorry, Jason. I really don't have it.

Jason: Ok, you don't need to say. I will remember how you treat me when I really need your help. Forget it!

Kimberly: But, Jas...

Jason: Stop it! I don't want to hear. I can deal with the metal ranger myself. (Jason walks away...)

Kimberly: Metal ranger?! What's he talking about? So Weird.

Several second later...

Kimberly: Wow... What are they? They are so ugly.

Ryan: Titanium laser. Yeah, 10 down and 5 to go!

Kimberly: Who is this guy? He is such a great fighter... like Tommy.

Ryan: Hi beautiful girl, are you ok?

Kimberly: Yes, I am fine. Thanks! What are those ugly creatures?

Ryan: Oh, they are Batlings. They are evil and strong... very strong.

Kimberly: Really?

Ryan: Yes!

Kimberly: I am Kimberly. Are you a power ranger?

Ryan: Yes! I am called titanium ranger. Nice to see you.

Kimberly: Nice to see you too. Why don't you cover your eyes? Your eyes will get hurt easily.

Ryan: Thanks for your concern, but I don't need it. Like the American heroes... Batman... Robin... You can see their eyeballs.

Kimberly: You are so brave and so cute.

(A female voice from Ryan's morpher: Ryan, a girl is attacked at the beach...)

Ryan: Yea, I'll be there. I have to go. Someone may need my help. See you!

Kimberly: See you!

Next: Who is the girl attacked at the beach? What will Jason do in order to get back his power coin? Will Kimberly forget about Tommy and love Ryan?

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