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Power Rangers Wild Force


Evil forces have unleashed monsters bent on destruction, From the depths of all that is vile , the remnants of industrial pollution, toxic waste and environmental pillaging have created sinister beings that raid the earth of it's living energy.

The only hope for the world is a squad of five young teens, each chosen for his or her special skill and sense of adventure. The powerful group possesses the mighty Bio-Energy power that enables them to morph into the invincible Power Rangers Wild Force.

At the Ranger's sides are the devoted Power Animals that descend from their habitat when the Rangers need them most. These brave creatures morph into unstoppable Zords... forces unlike any other in Power Rangers' history.

Only the Wild Force Rangers can protect Turtle Lake City from evil Orgs, monsters from the Earth's ancient past that have come back to life. The Rangers must do battle with the Master Org and his evil minions in order to save mankind and animals. With the help of their Power Animals and Crystal Sabers, the Wild Force Rangers must defeat the Orgs and save the city!

Danny Taylor Cole Max Allysa

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