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Power Rangers Triple Force (Power Rangers Movie)

On Mirinoi, Leo grabs the Red Quaser Saber and morphs. He runs into the city and begins fighting a group of Ghouls. After a short battle, TriSkull and the Ghouls retreat away, leaving the confused Red Galaxy Ranger lying in the rain. In Mariner Bay, a girl(Heather) and her mom play hide-and-seek. Heather wins and her mother says that they are going to visit her dad. On their way to the office, they see the Rescue Rover and the Lightspeed teenagers driving into action. In a busy area, the rangers work together to help the people through the burning building. Green Ranger flies Aero Rescue and drops water bombs to cool the flames and then drops some pictures of himself(Joel). The teenagers de-morph and watch Joel signing autographs. At the office of Heather's dad, Heather looks for her ball and then witnesses her mother being kidnapped by some ghouls. She runs to inform help but no one believes her. The Ghouls arrive in a dark room and begin taking the life energy of Heather's mom after making her small enough to fit in an energy tube. TriSkull transforms into a human and then heads to the main floor. He sees Heather and tells her that he can help her. The two go into the elevator until they reach the floor. Heather sees the Ghouls and uses her ball to retreat from the bad man and the Ghouls. Back in the dark room, Olympius(grown Impus) tells TriSkull about the plot for making Queen Bansheera's powers unlimited. When he leaves, Trakeena(wearing a mouth mask) enters the scene and says that she will destroy the Earth since the Galaxy Rangers destroyed her powers.

Back in Mariner Bay(outside), Carter sees Heather crying and tries to comfort her. She tells him about the monsters and he doesn't believe it at first. Then the "evil" man walks up to them and Heather hides behind Carter as the man gives him the ball. As the man leaves, Carter tells Heather that he will investigate the sitution. Heather follows and Carter says that she can help if she obeys everything he says. She thinks that she is a Jr. Power Ranger. The other Lightspeed teenagers drive towards the Aqua Base, planning what to do next. Chad sees a man in the middle of the street and makes a sharp stop. The Lightspeed teenagers head out of the Rover and towards the man. Kelsey sees the Quaser Saber and learns that it is Leo, the Red Galaxy Ranger. He explains to them that Trakeena has returned to Earth and that the Ghouls were trying to stop him from finding the Lightspeed Rangers. A group of Ghouls arrives and the Lightspeed Rangers morph. They use everything they have but the enemies are too powerful. Leo energizes his Quaser Saber and destroys them all with one blast. They head towards the Aqua Base. Carter and Heather continue to follow the guy, until a group of Ghouls arrive. He tries to fight them but gets distracted as Heather gets captured. Blue and Yellow Galaxy Rangers arrive to fight the Ghouls. Carter gets free and begins fighting again. Heather falls sleep(maybe sleeping gas in the air). The Ghouls are defeated and the three heads towards the sleeping Heather. They also head towards the Aqua Base.

A meeting is held at the Aqua Base. Leo explains about Trakeena's green form and why she has come to Earth. She wants life energies to mutate back into her green form. Carter leaves the Gally and checks up on Heather, who is getting healed by Dana. Chad arrives and tells Carter that there's trouble. Heather runs behind them and says she wants to come. Carter declines but since she is a Jr. Ranger, he changes his mind. In a mountainy area(outside of Mariner Bay), the rangers meet TriSkull. A large group of Ghouls(yes again) arrive. The eight teenagers morph and begin fighting the Ghouls. The three Galaxy Rangers use their energized Quaser Sabers to finish off the Ghouls. Red Lightspeed Ranger uses his Battle Booster against TriSkull but the monster stops the attack and throws Red Ranger back. He inflicts a major explosion against all of the rangers, causing them to de-morph. Heather runs out of the Rescue Rover and helps the rangers up. Carter tells her that they are going to save her mom now.

Back at the "Trakeena's new HQ", Trakeena continues to drain their energies. A small spider-cam shows Trakeena being a traitor. Olympius tells Queen Bansheera that he has a plan that can stop her. He reveals a special poison, which he pours over a knife. Outside of the building, Carter tells Heather to pull the fire switch to cause an extreme panic, leading the people outside and allowing the rangers to enter without too much trouble. She pulls the switch and emergency vehicles arrive outside of the building with our rangers dressed up as firefighters. The firefighters help the innocent people out and then the two Red Rangers enter the building. Leo and Carter morph and take on TriSkull. Red Lightspeed Ranger uses the Battle Booster again, this time at full power. TriSkull tries to defend by sending his own blast, but the booster is too powerful and makes him explode. The Red Rangers enter the dark room and find the hostages in the energy tubes. Once again, a group of Ghouls(man, they got a lot of those things) arrive and overwhelm the two rangers. Galaxy Pink and Green arrive just in time. They defeat the Ghouls and then face Trakeena, who gives blasts them through the window, causing them to fall straight to the ground. Chad prepares the inflate, which catches the falling teenagers.

The ten teenagers regroup and meet Olympius. The ten teenagers morph(awesome scene!) and make their battle intro. The rangers fight the Batlings, Olympius, Vypra and Loki as Trakeena slowly powers her into her new form. Red Ranger uses his VLancer at full power to weaken them. The rangers follow up by combining their blasters together to create an awesome-looking attack. Before Olympius and the villians retreat, Olympius throws the poisoned knife up the building just as the Trakeena transformation is complete. She turns into this HUGE, fierce monster destroying everything in sight. The Omega Megazord and Max Solarzord are called and formed into action(another awesome scene!). The two Megazord prepare to fight the powered up Trakeena. Their attacks is weak against her new powers. Galaxy Rangers want to help but they can't without their zords. Suddenly, the galactabeasts arrive to the scene. The rangers use the Lights of Orion and transform the galactabeasts into the Charging Galaxy Megazord. The two Megazords perform their finishers and causes a massive explosion. The overpowering causes the Galaxy Megazord to power down into the galactabeasts. The Omega Megazord lifts the Galaxy Rangers up as they see Trakeena getting back up. The Galaxy Rangers's arm bracelets glow as the Lights of Orion flow through the Omega Megazord. The Galaxy Rangers arrive in the main cockpit as the Charging Omega Megazord forms(new shield, helmet, and saber). Red Ranger says "Lights of Orion activate!" and the Charging Omega Megazord performs its finisher which finally defeats Trakeena.

Outside of the building, Heather rejoins her parents and Carter makes her an official Jr. Ranger. Joel offers Kendrix and Maya an autograph, but they aren't interested. Joel tries to hook up with Kendrix while the other rangers talk about their enemies. Leo thinks it was fun getting back into action. Dana suggests that they should stay since Mariner Bay could use extra rangers. Kendrix says that they have to leave back to Mirinoi. Damon wants to stay to hook with Dana and/or Kelsey. The Lightspeed teenagers drive back to the Aqua Base, waving goodbyes to their Galaxy friends who ride their Jet Jammers back home.

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