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Updated on Novmember 27, 2002

Power Rangers Castle

Important Notice !!!

Thank you for visiting New Power Rangers Universe. We have over 22 thousands visitors thru these years... As a webmaster, I am very proud. However, due to some problems, New Power Rangers Universe will be no more after the end of the year 2002. After that, Power Rangers Castle will take over and I will continue to provide the lastest information of the Wild Force and bring you guys the new Ninjar Storm. Again, thank you very much for your support :)

Webmaster of New Power Rangers Universe (11.27.2002)

Please Visit The New Power Rangers Castle !

Power Rangers Wild Force Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Cole: Red Wild Force Ranger Merrick: Lunar Wolf Ranger Taylor: Yellow Wild Force Ranger Max: Blue Wild Force Ranger Allysa: White Wild Force Ranger Danny: Black Wild Force Ranger

It's time to vote for the Power Rangers Award: Wild Force 2002 ^v^

Power Rangers Castle

Who are the best and your favorite WF actors? (1 best, 1 fav)

Who are the best and your favorite WF actresses? (1 best, 1 fav)

Who are the best and your favorite supporting actors? (3 fav)

Who are the best and your favorite supporting actresses? (3 fav)

Who are your favorite male and female roles? (2 male, 2 female)

There will be a Special Award and an Entertainer of the Year 2002!

How to vote? There are several ways...

Leo Andros Carter

1. Send your vote to

2. Sign the guestbook

Jason Wesley Lucas

3. Vote at the Power Rangers Wild Force website

Don't forget all the Red Rangers and Time Force. Thank you for your vote !!!

Trip Jennifer Katie

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