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A Ranger Without A Heart

Several days ago, I saw a movie called Talisman (1998) starring Walter Jones (Jacob)- Our Mighty Morphin Black Ranger (Zack). "In evil, in all darkness and hell, there was a Talisman. The one who possessed this Talisman was immortalized by it, made the master of the Earth. When an 18-year-old boy (Walter's best friend in the movie) went in search of his sister who was adopted after their parents die, he landed in a home for rich, delinquent kids. He figured out his sister was the evil owner's adopted daughter and she was the owner of the Talisman. When he comed back to his best friend Jacob (Walter Jones), he saw Jocab was dead and his heart was taken away by the evil owner."

Comment:Before I saw the movie, I wondered "Umm... Walter Jones - The Original Black Ranger?! How did he look like in the movie since he left MMPR?" When he firstly showed up and talked to his best friend, he looked a little bit older with a black suit (because he and his best friend was supposed to be 18). Anyway, at the last 30 minutes of the movie, I saw every young man's heart was taken away by the evil owner (included the third main male actor). Then I started worrying about OUR HERO, what would happen to him? Would he die? Would he morphin into the Black Ranger to destroy the evil owner? (although I knew it was impossible, because the movie was not called MMPR). I knew he would die when his best friend figured out his sister was the evil owner's adopted daughter and came back to his room. I saw blood was running out from Walter's mouth and he was pushed down to the ground after his heart was taken... Let's stop here, I don't want his fans have a nightmare... Anyway, I will give this movie a C+."

Written by NPRU Webmaster

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