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Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson (Joel, Green Power Ranger)

Joel Rawlings is the Green Lightspeed Power Ranger. He was one of the chosen five recruited by Dana Mitchell to become power rangers to protect Mariner Bay. His respected job is as a stunt pilot flying in air shows. The most celebrated out of the five rangers.

He is the best pilot in the skies, and he knows it. His flying skills are unrivaled, but his confidence borders on arrogance. He's a showoff, always vying for attention, and the one ranger that's out front and center when it comes to the media, and autographs. Often times after rescues, he'll show photos of himself out of the Aero Rescue. But despite his attitude, Joel is a trustworthy ranger who isn't afraid to do what's right, even if it takes some work on his part.

Joel believes himself to be loved by everyone, and able to win the heart of anyone. At Lightspeed, he attempts to win the heart of the cold Miss Fairweather, the scientist behind all their weapons, zords, and technology. Even going down to the level of asking his little brother (I think, it may have been a friend who was younger) to ask Miss Fairweather out for him.

When first introduced to the team, Joel had a hard time working as a team player. But he eventually learns the value of it. He's learned to rely on everyone, from his fellow teammates to the people at Lightspeed behind his weapons.

In the end, Joel managed to square a date with Miss Fairweather, but before leaving, he left with the other rangers to help in a fire rescue. Just goes to show, as selfish as he may be thought, Joel still has a warm and caring heart.

Joel Rawlings is played by Keith Robinson. He moved to LA from Atlanta, Georgia and discovered his talent for acting and loves playing Joel. When he has time, Keith likes to play sports, lift weights, read poetry, and listen to music.

Besides starring in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Keith was part of the R&B music group, "State of Mind." He was also in the TV shows "the Princess and the Marine" and "ER".

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