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Power Rangers Universe

Welcome to my unofficial page!

I have a long time without updating this site.
Thanks for your patience and support!
A New PR Universe will open in 2001! 

Power Rangers Time Force...
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue...
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy...
Power Rangers in Space...
Power Rangers Turbo...
Power Rangers Zeo...
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...

New Power Rangers Universe

New Power Rangers Universe: Please Bookmark it !!!

My Powerful Links

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Power Rangers Zeo
Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers in Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Masked Rider RX
Updated! Let's find out who is under the mask of Masked Rider RX?
Favorite Ranger of This Week (new!!!)
A Power Ranger Site
Absolute Power Rangers!! (updated!!)
"Free Talk" Kingdom about Power Rangers
You can talk whatever you want!!! New!!!
Rescue Rangers
Absolutely New!!!
Rescue Rangers Episodes (Official)
Absoulte New!! Updated Weekly...
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Photo Gallery
New!!! All Rights Reserved!!!
Power Rangers Time Force (new!!!)
Titanium Rangers (new!!!)
Time Rangers Casts *****
Carter is time red, Chad is time blue, Ryan is time titanium.

Actors and Actresses:

Jason Lee Scott
---played by Austin St.John
Trini Kwan
---played by Thug Trang
Billy Mitchell
---played by David Harold Yost. Jr
Kimberty Hart
---played by Amy Jo Johnson
Zack Tylor
---played by Walter Jones
Tommy Oliver
---played by Jason David Frank
Rocky Desantos
---played by Stephen Antonio Cardenas
Aisha Campbell
---played by Karan Ashley
Adam Park
---played by Johnny Yong Bosch
Katherine Hillard
---played by Catherine Sutherland
Justin Stewart
---played by Blake Foster
T.J. (new!!!)
---played by Selwyn Ward
Ashley Hammond
---played by Tracy Lynn Cruz
Cassie Chan
---played by Patricia Ja Lee
Andros (new!!!)
---played by Christopher Khayman Lee
---played by Justin Nimmo
---played by Danny Slavin
---played by Cerina Vincent
Kai Chan
---played by Archie Kao
Kendrix Morgan
---played by Valerie Vernon
Demon Handerson
---played by Reggie Rolle
Mike (new!!!)
---played by Lawrence Russell
---played by Ted, Tom & Tim DeFillipo
---played by Melody Perkins
Tanya Sloan
---played by Nakia Burrise
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
CEC's New Masked Rider Movie
CEC's Rescue Rangers Series
Final Episode on December 31, 1999.
CEC's 2nd Super Ranger Movie (Time Rangers)
New Power Rangers Universe
Vote for PRA award
Carter Grayson
---played by Sean Cw Johnson
Kelsey Winslow
---played by Sasha Williams
Chad Lee
---played by Michael Chaturantabut
Dana Mitchell
---played by Allison MacInnis
Joel Rawling
---played by Keith Robinson
Ryan Mitchell (NEW!!!)
---played by Rhette Fisher

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