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Super Rangers

Welcome to my Super Rangers shrine!

"Thunder Rangers" is released on Jan 1999.
"Rescue Rangers" is released on July 1999.

Next..."Breast Rangers"...Jan 2000!

Super Rangers Series:

ThunderRangers (1999.1)
1 st Chinese Power Rangers TV Show
Red Thunder Ranger, Hingfai Lo
Yellow Thunder Ranger, Lily Ho
Blue Thunder Ranger,Paklam Cheng
Pink Thunder Ranger, Grace Yip
Green Thunder Ranger, Yiuming Kwok
RescueRangers (1999.7)
2 nd Chinese Power Rangers TV Show
Red Rescue Ranger, Homan Chan
Yellow Rescue Ranger, Wei Zhao
Blue Rescue Ranger, Kumcheung Yung
Pink Rescue Ranger, Annie Man
Green Rescue Ranger, Seeho Leung
Space Rangers (NOT SURE)
Red Space Ranger, Jimmy Lin
Yellow Space Ranger, Athena Chu
Blue Space Ranger, Nicky Wu
Pink Space Ranger, Vivian Chen
Black Space Ranger, YouPin So
Silver Space Ranger, ShingWu Kim ???
gold rangers from RR, Edward Leung

New Rangers Series

Rescue Rangers
An exciting series with lots of action and special content.

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