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Karan Ashley


Karan Ashley was born in September 28, 1975 in Odessa, Texas. Though most of her fellow actors have martial arts training, she won her part on the strength of her prowess as a hip-hop dancer. For five years, Karan was a Rhythm and Blues singer in the group, KRUSH, whose single, "Let's Get Together" was featured on the soundtrack album of the feature film "Mo' Money." Her television experience also includes "Walker, Texas Ranger" and "Scratch TV" In addition, she has extensive experience as a model, appearing in a variety of magazine advertisements. The Los Angeles resident still calls Dallas, Texas home (she lived there for 12 years). Ashley loves to sing, dance act, model, put together choreography -- and basically have fun. She feels that she has been blessed in being able to turn her hobbies into a career.

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